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zTD_TM1_Utils - Utilities for TM1

zTD_TM1_Utils is an Add-In for Excel to help you work with TM1

  • Update DBRW formula in all spreadsheets when a dimension is added to a cube

  • Easily track down the cause of *KEY_ERR in DBRW

  • Check Security to see why a user cannot write to a cell

  • Quickly hide rows and columns that contain workings, and show them again to make changes.

  • Produce and distribute reports via email

  • Generate budget collection templates, and distribute via email or folder

  • Collect completed budgets via email or folder and load into TM1

  • Drill on Double Click

  • Perform impact analysis by scanning processes, rules, etc, for key words

  • Update TM1 objects eg to change the server name when promoting a spreadsheet

  • Automate Regression Testing

  • Produce documentation

  • Set standard Excel options to avoid long recalculation times

  • Developer aids, eg Find all Views using a given Subset, Generate TI Script for Cube and View creation, Generate Cube Dependency statements, List Chores incuding Frequency and Time, Make equivalent view on another cube, etc.

  • Pure VBA - no need for any installation

  • Incorporates the TM1EasyAPI...

TM1EasyAPI provides a wrapper over the raw TM1 API

  • Provides a wrapper over the raw TM1 API to make using it more like using the Excel Object Model. For example, in Excel VBA set a reference to zTD_TM1_Utils then try this:


Sub TryEasyAPI()
        Dim oCube As TM1OCube
        Call zTD_TM1_Utils.StartTM1EasyAPI
        For Each oCube In oTM1EasyAPIServerConnection.cubes.ListCanRead
                Debug.Print oCube.Name, oCube.Dimensions.Count
        Call zTD_TM1_Utils.CloseTM1EasyAPI
End Sub

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